6 Incredible Tips to Improve your Racing Performance

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Stretching before or after exercise is almost a mandatory ritual for runners, but may not have the desired effects. Here are some seemingly conflicting recommendations that really help you do more. They are seen in the streets and parks of the world and lean their emphasis on the trees or their legs lying on the bench and nothing like the runners is a good course.

But doing so before or after the exercise is a topic that is subject to intense discussion in circles: while some believe it is the best way to warm the muscles, others insist on stretching after warming. that is much better But judging by a new scientific analysis, the two positions may be incorrect: all these areas may not have any influence at the time of the race.

This is one of the common rules developed by a group of researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara, USA, who analyzed 70 studies of this activity.

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The team produced what is called a “scientific synthesis” of advice on how runners can improve their performance. “Some of our discoveries were truly incredible, and others confirm what many runners already knew,” said biologist Chris Lortie. by the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis of Santa Bárbara, who led the analysis and is also an amateur runner.”But we’re not trying to say how people should train.” Each person should look at their own results, think about what they are trying to achieve and apply what works for them. ”

“People run for different reasons: some do it in shape, others win medals and others just for the pleasure of playing outside.” Correr is a sport that has become very popular in recent years and every time. more people sign up to join the marathon. Very few of them have enough money to pay for a coach or receive advice and therefore use different information available in specialized magazines or online.

“Therefore, I decided to use the type of analysis I use to understand the major environmental issues that climate change impacts on driving,” Lortie says. Here are some of the “rules” they are considering more than a number of more surprising rules they have found.

Cold, to Improve the Resistance

For most runners, the idea of ​​calming before a jog does not seem to make sense. Common sense tells them that it is better to warm up first to avoid the risk of injury and so the muscles can work at their optimal level.

But Lortie and his colleagues found that cooling before the run could have a positive impact on the long-distance runway: If you put ice on the back of the neck, it can make your body cool… Never put the ice directly on your muscles, but when you put it on your skin, your body works harder because it believes your temperature has dropped. ”

Colds allow the athlete’s body to work longer before it begins to overheat. The exact mechanism of its occurrence is still unknown, but there are a number of theories one of which delays the body’s natural response. is to reduce muscle activity in case of overheating.

Another theory suggests that cooling can reduce lactic acid accumulation, which can rise at high temperatures. Unfortunately, for those who prefer to drive at full speed but little time, this rule does not work. It seems to work only in cases where the athlete does. Work out for a longer period.

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