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6 Incredible Tips to Improve your Racing Performance

Stretching before or after exercise is almost a mandatory ritual for runners, but may not have the desired effects. Here are some seemingly conflicting recommendations that really help you do more. They are seen in the streets and parks of the world and lean their emphasis on the trees or …

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natural sources of melatonin

Natural Sources of Melatonin

3 Natural Sources of Melatonin Natural Melatonin Natural melatonin is easy to obtain by changing your habits of daily living. Many people choose to import melatonin as a dietary supplement from abroad because melatonin in Denmark is classified as a medicine and should therefore only be sold on prescription. Although …

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Bell Complaints Can be Used in an Investigation by the Competition Authority

The Competition Authority will be able to access consumer complaints against Bell as part of its investigation of the telecommunications giant’s business practices. In his decision on Thursday, Judge Henry S. Brown of the Federal Government responded positively to the Office’s request to hear the complaints lodged with Bell with …

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